Tynan Club Card

The Tynan Club Card is three cards in one.

Loyalty Card

When you sign up for a Tynan Club Card, you’re eligible for our Loyalty Program. Each time you use your Tynan Club Card, points are added. For every 100 points earned, you’re rewarded with $5.00 on your Tynan Club Card.

Gift Card

A Tynan Gift Card is a convenient way to pay for purchases at Tynan, which makes a great gift. Tynan Gift Cards are available from $5.00 and up.

Debit Card

The Tynan Club Card acts just like cash—and makes all of your Tynan purchases quick and easy! To check your balance or reload your card, simply ask one of our baristas to swipe your card at any Tynan store.

To register for a Tynan Club Card, just fill out your name and email address at one of our Tynan stores.