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Regional Group Outlines 139 Activity Centers Where Growth is Expected in Future


January 11, 2013 (NoMabid.org)  What parts of the region are expected to lead growth over the next few years? Yesterday that Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments approved a document providing just that very answer. In a new report the group identified 139 Activity Centers around the region, citing them as the types of places—ranging from NoMa to Silver Spring—that are ripe for further development and growth. Explained the group:





Noma Bid Growth



Young Adults Swapping Soda For The Super Buzz Of Coffee


January 14, 2013 (Vermont Public Radio)  If you live in a college town, you might have noticed that campus coffee shops are still buzzing late into the evening.


And that makes sense. New survey data from the NPD group, which tracks trends in what Americans eat and drink, finds that 18- to 24-year-olds are turning to coffee, rather than caffeinated sodas, as their pick-me-up of choice.


In 2002, about 25 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds reported drinking coffee sometime within a two-week period. But by 2012, the percentage of young adults drinking coffee in that same time frame hit 39 percent.


"It's an explosive growth in the consumption of coffee," says Harry Balzer of the NPD Group.


For evidence of this trend, I hit a coffee shop near the campus of George Washington University, which is just a Metro-ride away from NPR headquarters here in D.C. In midafternoon, I found a packed house.




Coffee vs Soda



Soda Consumption Linked With Higher Depression Risk In Study (And The Opposite Goes For Coffee)


January 9, 2013 (The Huffington Post)  What you drink could be linked with how you feel, according to new research.


A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology suggests an increased risk of depression from drinking sweetened beverages, as well as a decreased risk of depression from drinking coffee.
Specifically, researchers found an association between drinking four cups/cans of soda daily and a 30 percent higher risk of depression, as well as an association between drinking four cans of fruit punch daily and a 38 percent high risk of depression. The effect was more pronounced with diet fruit punch/soda, compared with non-diet versions of the drinks.


Meanwhile, researchers found an association between drinking four cups of coffee daily and a 10 percent lower risk of depression.




Blog Coffee and Soda



4 Hottest Coffee Gadgets of 2012


January 2, 2013 (Serious Eats)  If there's one thing coffee enthusiasts are consistently great at, it's being fickle. Whether it's how one stirs, skims, or pours, each year ushers in new ideas and toys that absolutely, positively contradict and improve upon old thinking. Old like you know, last year. We now take a moment to revisit four of 2012's most trendy coffee tools.





4 Hottest Coffee Gadgets of 2012





Have another cup of coffee - it's good for you!


December 23, 2012 (Forbes)  My favorite science studies are the ones that tell us that what we’re already doing is good for us. This story fits the bill. In the American Journal of Epidemiology this month, Janet Hildebrand and colleagues reported on a large study looking at the effects of coffee on throat cancers.


Let’s get right to the good news: drinking coffee seems to reduce your risk of death from oral or pharyngeal cancer by about 50%. Drinking more coffee is better than drinking less, and drinking caffeinated (normal) coffee is better than decaf.


I knew there was something wrong with decaf.




Coffee health




Risks: Coffee Linked to Fewer Oral Cancer Deaths


December 19, 2012 (New York Times)  A large study has found that drinking coffee is associated with a reduced risk of death from oral cancer.


Researchers studied 968,432 initially healthy men and women beginning in 1982. All completed questionnaires on health and dietary habits, including amounts of tea and coffee consumed, at the start of the study period. Twenty-six years later, 868 people had died of oral or throat cancer.


After adjusting for smoking, alcohol consumption and other factors, the researchers found that the risk of death from oral or throat cancer was 26 percent lower among those who drank one cup a day, 33 percent lower among those who drank two to three cups daily, and 50 percent lower among those who drank four to six cups daily, compared with those who drank no caffeinated coffee.





Top 10 Washington, DC Holiday Activities


December 17, 2012 (About.com Washington, DC) The holiday season is very busy in Washington, DC with an amazing variety of fun activities throughout the month of December. Try something new this year and enjoy special moments with family and friends. Here are my top picks of holiday events.


1. Visit the National Christmas Tree
The National Christmas Tree and the Pathway of Peace is illuminated daily at dusk until 10 p.m. Each night in December, musical groups from the Washington, DC area will entertain visitors to the Ellipse.





National Christmas Tree



6 Healthy Types of Tea


December 12, 2012 (Real Simple via Foxnews.com)  It’s the world’s most popular drink, next to water—and it’s steeped in health benefits. Here, what six top brews can do for you.


Black Tea


The scoop: Black tea is the most common variety and accounts for about 75 percent of global tea consumption. Like many of the teas here, it’s made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are typically rolled and fermented, then dried and crushed. Black tea has a slightly bitter flavor and contains the most caffeine—about 40 milligrams per cup. (A cup of coffee has 50 to 100.)
Health benefits: Black tea has high concentrations of the antioxidant compounds known as theaflavins and thearubigins, which have been linked to lower levels of cholesterol, says Rebecca Baer, a registered dietitian in New York City. Research has shown that people who drink three or more cups of black tea daily may cut their risk of stroke by 21 percent.


Green Tea


The scoop: Green tea has a more delicate flavor than black. The leaves are dried and heat-treated soon after they’re picked, which stops the fermentation process. It contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine per cup.
Health benefits: Green tea is full of antioxidants called catechins; a subgroup known as EGCG may ward off everything from cancer to heart disease, says Karen Collins, a registered dietitian and a nutrition adviser at the American Institute for Cancer Research, in Washington, D.C. One study found that each daily cup of green tea consumed may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent.




6 Healthy Teas



More Evidence Emerges that Coffee’s Good for You


December 10, 2012 (Doctors Health Press) The avalanche of medical studies reporting that drinking coffee reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes just grew by one. A new study from the European Science Foundation found that three to four cups a day cuts diabetes risk by 25%. The findings were just presented at the 2012 World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and Its Complications in Madrid.


The report’s authors believe that there is little doubt that coffee is linked to diabetes prevention. The 25% reduced risk from three or four cups is in comparison to drinking less than two cups a day or none at all. Another study also found that each additional cup of coffee may reduce your risk by another seven percent.




Coffee Health Press







December 3, 2012 (Neuschwanstein)  Looking for a quick brain pick me up before work? Forget coffee – it seems green tea has the key.


A new study has found that the tea – already credited with providing a host of health benefits – can help improve memory and cognition in men.

Researchers recruited 12 healthy men and divided them into two groups.


One group was given a drink containing a green tea extract, while a second group was given a placebo drink without the extract.





Green Tea




Looking for a morning brain boost? Forget coffee - green tea holds the key for men


November 28, 2012 ( Mail Online UK) Looking for a quick brain pick me up before work? Forget coffee - it seems green tea has the key.


A new study has found that the tea - already credited with providing a host of health benefits  - can help improve memory and cognition in men.


Researchers recruited 12 healthy men and divided them into two groups.


One group was given a drink containing a green tea extract, while a second group was given a placebo drink without the extract.


Then, using an MRI machine, scientists studied the effects of the two drinks on the men's brains while they performed a memory test.


Compared to the placebo group, the green tea drinkers experienced an increase in the activation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with working memory, which you need for problem solving and focus.




Green Tea




New parking rules in Ward One: more parking for residents only


November 19, 2012 (New Columbia Heights) Just saw this posted to some Yahoo groups, some changes to the parking rules. Take a look! 

I don't have a car, but let us know in the comments what you think.

DDOT to Complete Implementation of Enhanced Residential Permit Parking Program in Ward One

(Washington, D.C.) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is scheduled to complete the implementation of the Enhanced Residential Permit Parking (ERPP) program in Ward 1 over the next few weeks. The ERPP program protects parking for neighborhood residents by designating one side of the street resident only parking from 7 am to 8:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

New signage for the ERPP program will be posted on blocks with traditional Residential Permit Parking (RPP) restrictions in ANCs 1A, 1B and 1C (ANC 1D opted out of the ERPP program). One side of the street will have RPP restrictions, and the other side will have enhanced restrictions.




Free Parking



Vietnam Coffee Harvest Runs Ahead of Last Year on Dry Spell


November 8, 2012 (Business Week) Coffee farmers in Vietnam, the world’s biggest grower of the robusta variety used by Nestle SA (NESN) in instant drinks, have harvested more beans than last year because of an early start and favorable weather.

Growers reaped about 19 percent of the crop, or 280,000 metric tons, the median of eight trader and shipper estimates compiled by Bloomberg shows. The harvest is set to drop 12 percent to 1.45 million tons from 1.64 million tons last season, while 175,000 tons have been sold, the survey shows.






Best Cities for Coffee Lovers


October 24, 2012 (US News Travel)  Thomas Jefferson once called coffee "the favorite drink of the civilized world." And this founding father wasn't far off the mark. This caffeinated beverage imparts energy, promotes productivity, and delights taste buds across the globe.


But to be a true coffee hot spot, a city has to do more than just house java drinkers. The places listed below are passionate about the brew; they've created a unique culture around it; and some of them have even invented their own distinct coffee blends. Because coffee is not just a jolt of caffeine, it's an experience. So, with these qualifications in mind, here are the best places to stop and savor the perfect cup of joe.




Best Cities for Coffee Lovers




NoMA Fall Festival and Market


October 17, 2012 (NoMa Bid)  FOODIE AND FAMILY ALERT: The NoMa Fall Festival and Market runs on Wednesdays Oct. 17 & Oct. 24 — don’t miss these two dates! The festival runs from 3-7 pm at the NoMa Metro Station, at Second and N Streets, NE. 



  • - Reserve your Thanksgiving turkey at Groff's Content
  • - Sample charcuterie from the Three Little Pigs and sausage from Groff's Content
  • - Heritage apples from Kuhn Orchards
  • - 18 varieties of cheese to try and buy from Peachy Family Dairy
  • - Ice cream and hot chocolate from Trickling Springs Creamery (a Union Market vendor!)
  • - Get your knives sharpened at DC Mobile Sharpening (also a Union Market vendor)
  • - Produce from Barajas Produce and Full Cellar Farm
  • - Locally roasted coffee from Fresh Off the Roast (Qualia's own!)
  • - Bread, cupcakes, Truck Farm, Walker Jones Farm and more



On the 24th, we'll also have: 

  • - FREE pumpkin carving for kids
  • - FREE face painting for kids
  • - Music
  • - Mushroom seminars from Sharondale Farms: Learn how to grow mushrooms in a city stick (logs are hard to find), and buy the mushrooms and tools necessary to get started
  • Brief seminar from Kathy Jentz from Washington Gardener Magazine on urban gardening in small spaces

View the full schedule at www.nomabid.org/market. View a map here. Please spread the word, and see you there! Follow us on Twitter @NoMaBID and Facebook, too.



NoMa Bid



Tea: The super-beverage for human health


October 9, 2012 (WTOP) A soothing cup of tea is no longer just for fighting off a cold.


At the recent International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health in D.C., researchers promoted the many benefits that drinking tea has on chronic illness.


Green tea in particular may help reduce the risk of fractures and improve bone mass, slowing the progress of osteoperosis. In a six-month study, 171 postmenopausal women consumed the equivalent of four to six cups a day. Within three months, the bone stress damage was reduced.






The professions that drink the most coffee


September 28, 2012 (WTOP) Friday is National Coffee Day. While many might observe the unofficial holiday, certain professions drink more coffee than others, says a new survey commissioned by Career Builder and Dunkin Donuts.


Top java-powered professions:


  1. 1. Food preparation/service workers
  2. 2. Scientists
  3. 3. Sales Representatives
  4. 4. Marketing/public relations
  5. 5. Nurses
  6. 6. Editors, writers, media workers
  7. 7. Business executives
  8. 8. Teachers/instructors (K-12)
  9. 9. Engineering technicians/support
  10. 10. IT managers/network administrators





Coffee Professions



Study finds coffee helps reduce pain


September 13, 2012 (The Buffalo News) Scientists in Norway have more good news for coffee drinkers. Researchers have already found evidence that the drink - or the beans it's brewed from - can help with weight loss, reduce one's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia, boost muscle growth, protect against certain types of cancers and can even reduce one's risk of premature death, among many other benefits.


Now comes word that a cup of joe reduces physical pain.


The surprising finding is based on a study involving 48 volunteers who agreed to spend 90 minutes performing fake computer tasks meant to mimic office work. The tasks were known to cause pain in the shoulders, neck, forearms and wrists, and the researchers wanted to compare how people with chronic pain and those who were pain-free tolerated the tasks.








Graffiti removal as rehabilitation to start in the neighborhood


September 6, 2013 (New Columbia Heights)  In the past, I've written quite a bit about gang tag graffiti in the neighborhood -- it's all over the place. If you've ever seen an "LC" or "CTU" tag, then you've seen a gang tag. Often they are on mailboxes, electrical boxes, and street lights. 

As they use the tags to mark or claim territory, I always call them in to 311 to get removed, and I recommend you do too (aside from being an eyesore.) However, it looks like there's a new effort underway, from local non-profit Words, Beats and Life, and Ward 1 councilmember Jim Graham. Sounds good to me. Words, Beats and Life was also involved with MuralsDC, a project where businesses and homeowners could request a mural on their external walls.









Jobs That Drink The Most Coffee In A Day


If you can't start your work day without a cup of joe, you're not alone.

Out of the 4,700 workers who were included in a survey conducted by CareerBuilder and Dunkin' Donuts, 60 percent of them said that they drink at least two cups of coffee daily and nearly half admitted that their productivity would be affected without their daily java. The results showed that scientists and lab technicians are the heaviest coffee drinkers, followed by marketing and public relations professionals, education administrators, editors and writers.




Jobs Coffee



Columbia Heights Day Date Announced – Sat., Oct. 6th


August 28, 2012 (Prince of Petworth)  Community celebration features live music and arts performances, family activities, local artisans, food trucks and more


WHAT: 6th Annual Columbia Heights Day
WHEN: Saturday, October 6 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
WHERE: Harriet Tubman Elementary Field


(Entrance on Kenyon St. NW between 11th and 13th streets)
Just 3 blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro (Green and Yellow lines)


WHO: Schedule of events include:
Live music and dance performances, including Elikeh, The Chariots and Dyverse City
Petting Zoo & Kids Zone, featuring a moon bounce, face painting, fun games and family entertainment
Morning yoga workshop
Neighborhood dog show
Your favorite DC food trucks
Cupcake eating contest
More than 40 local businesses and community groups
“Saturday Social” post-festival at neighborhood bars
NEW! Meridian Pint “Oktoberfest” block party at 11th St. & Park Rd. — beer garden, outdoor BBQ, games, a Polka band and more


Columbia Heights Day



Skip the Chain Coffee and Head to Tynan Coffee & Tea


August 15, 2012 (Bozzuto)  Jim and Brian Sullivan know good coffee. And in a city with bustling coffee chains and their artificial flavorings on every corner, it’s a relief the brothers decided to open a local coffeehouse where we can all find sanctuary: Tynan Coffee and Tea.


The Sullivans are lifelong Washingtonians, so they know this town as well as you do. They know that in D.C. there’s no such thing as too much coffee, and a perfect cup of espresso deserves a half-hour detour. Most of all, they know that we need more than just the run-of-the-mill places to get our caffeine fix.
Fortunately for us, Tynan Coffee and Tea’s Columbia Heights location isn’t far from Rhode Island Row Apartments.










August 13, 2012 (Discovery News)  Coffee is a funny thing.


I seem to have been tempted away from tea by the seductive smell of coffee -- it feels like I've cheated on my beloved Earl Grey. Spending most of my time in coffee shops writing about all things space, I find myself looking at the top of my skinny peppermint latte (really, you should try it!) and notice how the pattern on the top resembles the Milky Way as seen from above.


The fact that I know it resembles the Milky Way is pretty clever given that no one has ever come remotely close to getting such a stunning view of the galaxy we live in. It's a testament to human logic that has granted us the knowledge of the shape of our galaxy and it's a story that starts back at the beginning of civilization.




Milky Way Coffee





New post office opening in the Reeves Center, 14th and U


July 31, 2012 (New Columbia Heights)  In February we heard that the T Street Post Office was closing. Now, it's reopened in the Reeves Center, the DC government office building at 14th and U. Borderstan says it's open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-1pm. It's closed Sunday.

Of course, there's also a FedEx Office (or as I like to call it, Kinko's) at 3111 14th Street NW, if that helps. And you can also get stamps at CVS and Giant.





NCA Study Finds Daily Coffee Consumption Outpacing Soft Drinks


July 20, 2012 (Vending Times) NEW YORK CITY -- Daily coffee consumption soared by seven percentage points, moving coffee solidly ahead of soft drinks, according to the 2012 National Coffee Drinking Trends study published by the National Coffee Association of USA. According to NCA, the new figures more precisely reflect consumption behaviors of contemporary U.S. demographic makeup through sampling that statistically mirrors the Hispanic and African-American population segments.


Survey respondents reporting that they had consumed coffee during the previous week jumped from 68 to 73%; for consumption during the past year, the percentage rose from 76 to 78%. Daily coffee consumption, long virtually tied with soft drinks, has moved into a solid lead by more than 10 percentage-points, NCA observed.

The consumption increase occurred in all age groups, and was most pronounced among 18-to-39-year olds. Among those 18-24, daily consumption went up from 40% to 50%; and for the 25-39 age group, from 54% to 63%.




Drink water, coffee and tea instead of sugary beverages


July 11, 2012 (Chicago Tribune) Sugar-sweetened beverages--sodas, coffee drinks, energy drinks, bottled teas--are ubiquitous; and sugar- and calorie-laden. Evidence points out that our penchant for such sweet bottled beverages may be fueling the obesity epidemic.

Sweetened drink consumption has risen by about 100 percent among young adults since the 1970s, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA. About 50 percent of the added sugars in our diets come from sodas, sports and energy drinks, coffee beverages, and fruit juice drinks. In fact, soft drinks are the single largest contributor of calorie intake in the United States.



Iced Tea



Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Heart Failure


June 26, 2012 (ABC News)  Hey java drinkers, that coffee buzz you love so much may also help prevent heart failure, according to a new study published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation Heart Failure.


While many believe coffee drinking may be dangerous to the heart, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston said moderate consumption of your daily jo could be beneficial.




Coffee Blog



New York Avenue Metro Station Renamed Noma-Gallaudet


June 13, 2012 (NBC Washington) Metro is officially changing the name of a Red Line station.


WMATA officials, Mayor Vincent Gray and others will gather Wednesday morning at what's currently known as the New York Ave-Florida Ave-Gallaudet U station.


The station will have a shorter name -- NoMa-Gallaudet U -- that gives a nod to the burgeoning neighborhood surrounding it.


NoMa is an initialism for "North of Massachusetts Avenue" that is being used by real estate developers to brand a large tract of D.C. land located just north of Capitol Hill and Union Station.




NoMa Metro



Tynan Coffee and Tea Has Gone Footprint Free!  


June 6, 2012 (Footprint Free LLC)   We are excited to announce that Tynan Coffee and Tea has gone Footprint Free!  In doing so, Tynan has offset its carbon footprint by planting trees to absorb the carbon emitted in operating our stores.  


Here's a little more on how the process works:  To calculate Tynan's carbon footprint, we provided our utility bills to Footprint Free.  Using these inputs, Footprint Free calculated our annual carbon footprint.  Next, reforestation carbon offsets were purchased to offset our carbon footprint, netting our footprint to zero and making us Footprint Free!  


For those unfamiliar with carbon offsets, they are defined as a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.  Essentially, we funded the planting of trees to absorb the carbon emitted producing our energy.  

This is the highest impact way to show our commitment to being a responsible business. 


For more information, visit Footprint Free's website at www.befootprintfree.com


Footprint Free




Celebrate tea: from Kenya to your cuppa


June 4, 2012 (The Telegraph) The Queen, it is said, enjoys a cup of tea every day at around five o’clock. Opinion as to which kind varies – Earl Grey and Darjeeling are front runners – but I like to think that this weekend she might sit down to a pot of Kenyan tea.


After all, she ascended to the throne while up a tree in Aberdare National Park, in the foothills of Mount Kenya. From her perch, when not observing the warthogs coming to drink at the waterhole, she would have been able to admire the bright green fields of tea bushes, the surface as flat and unbroken as a football pitch, of Kenya’s premier tea-growing district, the Rift Valley.





Blog 6.4.12



Coffee drinking linked to longer life


May 16, 2012 (Health.com) -- Drinking a daily cup of coffee -- or even several cups -- isn't likely to harm your health, and it may even lower your risk of dying from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests.


The relationship between coffee drinking and health has been a hot topic in recent years, but research has produced mixed results.




Blog 5.17.12



Shaw Interview Series: U Street Café


May 15, 2012 (Shaw Living)  U Street Cafe (right beyond the border of Shaw Proper located on U Street between 13th and 14th) is a business contributing to the "Small Town in a Big City" personality of Shaw and its neighboring streets


John Richardson, Operations Manager for the cafe, and Patrick Coyle, the cafe's Director of Marketing, sat down with me in their shop to give some information about why we should pay attention to U Street Café




U Street Cafe




14th and U, Mt. Pleasant farmers' market open May 5


May 2, 2012 (The 42) Farmers market season is upon us! This Cinco de Mayo, both the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market and the 14th and U Farmers Markets open for business.

The MtP market, located at Lamont Park at Mt. Pleasant Street and Lamont, runs from 9 am-1pm every Saturday until Nov. 17, while the14th and U market is open at the same times outside the Reeves Center at 14th and U.



Famers' Market



Learn About The 2nd Annual Metropolitan Branch Trail 5K Race/Walk!


April 30, 2012 (Gometbranch.com) The second annual Metropolitan Branch Trail 5K Race/Walk will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2012.  The race is a community hosted and organized event in partnership with local neighborhood volunteers and the DC Road Runners Club. Free registration for the first 150 youth runners.  Race start is at 9:00 a.m.,  Packet pick up and race day registration, starting at 7:30 a.m. on May 5. 


Race Location:  S Street and 4th Street, NE DC.  Volunteers welcome!  New this year--technical t-shirts!


Pre-race Packet Pick-up:  Friday, May 4 at 5 - 7 p.m., Tynan Coffee and Tea, 1275 1st St., NE DC (free 1-hr. parking in Harris Teeter garage on M St.).  Race bags and your choice of a water bottle or coffee cup will also be available for pick up while supplies last.


Online registration* will be available until Thursday, May 3, at 11:59 p.m.!  Register now! 

*Race shirts are not guaranteed for those registering the week before the race.

*A limited number of race day registrations will also be available.


Interested in sponsoring our event?  Go to our Sponsor page or contact us!



Off the Beaten Path: The Boseong Green Tea Fields in South Korea


April 24, 2012 (Tripologist) While living in South Korea for two years and traveling extensively around the country, I discovered many beautiful and awe-inspiring places. However, if you had to ask me for my favorites, the Boseong Green Tea Fields would easily be near the top of the list.


The town of Boseong is located on the southern coast of Korea in South Jeolla Province. It is one of the most famous green tea producing regions in Korea, and forty percent of the country’s green tea comes from the fields around the town.


South Korea's Green Tea Fields



Hold the milk: Austrian thieves make off with 2 tons of coffee


April 10, 2012 (Washington Post) VIENNA — In a heist that could fill the mother of all bottomless cups, thieves in Austria have made off with 2 tons of coffee.


Police say the culprits broke into a wholesaler and coffee-roaster’s warehouse east of Vienna, loaded a stolen van with the goods and then drove off


A police statement issued Tuesday put the value of the vehicle and its contents at more than 55,000 euros — $72,000.




Green coffee beans show potential for losing weight


March 27, 2012 (Los Angeles Times) When roasted at 475 degrees, coffee beans are sometimes described as rich and full-bodied. But for the full-bodied person who is not so rich, unroasted coffee beans — green as the day they were picked — may hold the key to cheap and effective weight loss, new research suggests.


Green Coffee Beans




Cherry Blossoms at 100 Years


March 21, 2012 (The 42) Bigger, better, more. That could be the motto of this year's National Cherry Blossom Festival. 2012 marks 100 years since the original trees were gifted to the United States from Japan --to the District from Tokyo, to be precise-- and planted in the area we now know as the Tidal Basin. Before the Jefferson Memorial, before the FDR Memorial, before the Lincoln Memorial, there were cherry trees. How does one celebrate 100? By throwing the longest, most elaborate party ever. That what the NCBF folks are doing. The Festival runs a full 5 weeks -- March 20-April 27.



Cherry Blossoms





Tea's Amazing Health Benefits

How Tea Makes You Healthier


March 5, 2012 (ThirdAge.com)  If you enjoy the soothing experience of sipping a hot cup of tea, it turns out you are doing your body some favors, too. Throughout history, tea has been used as a tool for improving health in many different ways. In recent years, Western research has confirmed that drinking tea has many physical and emotional benefits, from improving heart health to increasing happiness. Because of tea’s healing properties, including antioxidant-rich flavonoids, there are a number of surprising ways that tea can enhance your mind, body, and overall wellbeing.




Healthy Tea Blog









Washington, DC (February 16, 2012) - Thank you to everyone who participated in Tynan’s Valentines for Veterans program!  Two hundred and sixty two valentines and thank you notes were collected and delivered to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. and the Walter Reed Medical Hospital in Bethesda, MD. 




Valentines for Vets 2 16 12









Washington, DC (January 23, 2012)—For the second year in a row, Tynan Coffee & Tea has launched “Valentines for Veterans,” at all locations – Columbia Heights, Friendship Heights, and NoMa/Capitol Hill North, in support of those who have served in our Armed Forces here at home or overseas. Partnering with Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, as well as the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC, Tynan Coffee & Tea is excited to offer the community a vehicle to show their love for the troops.


“We think it’s extremely important to say thank you to the special group of men and women who have served our country,” said Katie Tyson, Managing Director of the Clover Restaurant Group. “Valentine’s Day is a great day to share your appreciation not only with your family and loved ones, but also with those who help to protect them.”


Between now and February 9, each customer visiting a Tynan location will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary Valentine and to write a message of appreciation for a veteran.  Tynan Coffee &Tea will then deliver those Valentines on February 10, 2012 to both Walter Reed National Medical Center and the Armed Forces Retirement Home to distribute to their members.


For more information about Tynan Coffee & Tea-Columbia Heights, Tynan Coffee & Tea-Friendship Heights, or Tynan Coffee & Tea-NoMa/Capitol Hill North, visit www.tynancoffeeandtea.com. 




Valentines for Vets






Coffee Roasters Rethink the Blend


January 9, 2012 (The Wall Street Journal) Coffee roasters are caught in a grind.


There is a lull in supplies of arabica beans, the most widely consumed variety of coffee, after rain damaged output in Colombia and Central America. Meanwhile, Brazil's harvest, expected to be large, is months away. Prices still are at historically high levels, even though they have come down considerably from the near-14-year settlement high of $3.0490 a pound hit by the front-month futures contract in May.



Coffee roaster







January 3, 2011 (New York Times) Tea is soothing, a quality to be craved in these stressful days. It is more subtle than coffee and meant to be sipped, not gulped. A cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee — half the amount or less







Third Thursday FUN

December 29, 2011: (DC NoMa) NoMa BID is now running “Third Thursday FUN.” On the third Thursday of each month, the BID will host an event, including a neighborhood walking tour,  an outdoor concert  and a neighborhood happy hour. The event series will kick off on January 19 with a Tynan happy hour. Tynan will offer $2 off beer and wine, as well as specials for kids. There will also be NoMa giveaways.








Bike To Work Day!

May 20, 2011 (The 42 ) This is every day for a lot of us. Capital Bikeshare has done a lot to make biking to work a more common occurrence here in DC. But even without the bike sharing program, causal cycling is on the rise in District and the city has been on a 10 year venture to improve bike infrastructure; both by innovating and borrowing ideas + best practices along the way. Bike to Work Day is not a event exclusive to DC. It's national, taking place all this week. Regionally, Maryland and Virginia (suburbs of DC, at least) are taking part.




Troy Sidle, a bartender at the Randolph bar in SoHo, creates a coffee cocktail



Spiking Coffee, Opening Eyes

February 11. (The New York Times) Is it supposed to snap you to attention or slide you deeper into your buzz? Help you wind down or get you wound up? I've never really understood spiked coffee. In hitching caffeine (a stimulant) to alcohol (a depressant), it strikes me as a curiously self-canceling experience. Like wearing sun block to a tanning parlor. Or eating a Krispy Kreme on an elliptical.


Troy Sidle, a bartender at the Randolph bar in SoHo, creates a coffee cocktail



Bands in the Neighborhood: Mother

February 11 (The New Columbia Heights Blog) This latest installment of Bands in the Neighborhood is on Mother, a duo who play interesting and really good sort of electronic/ ambient/psychedlic indie rock. I mentioned them before with their QR-Code posters.
Their albums are available on their Bandcamp page, linked above. I spoke with Casey and Brad from the band.





Tynan Coffee & Tea Opens with Breakfast and Happy Hour in NoMa

November 17 (NoMa Bid.org) Tynan Coffee & Tea, a locally owned café and lounge, opens its third location today in NoMa at Constitution Square. As DC's fastest growing neighborhood, NoMa continues to attract a vibrant mix of local and national retailers. Tynan brings a contemporary take on the neighborhood coffeehouse to the community.

"We're proud to be a part of the NoMa redevelopment and the revitalization of this historic neighborhood as a destination for Washingtonians to live, work and play," said Jim Sullivan, of Clover Management Services Corporation, co-founder and owner of Tynan with his brother Brian Sullivan.



Coffee in the News

Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Sugar futures headed for the biggest drop in almost six weeks on signs of easing demand after prices rallied to a 30-year high. Coffee and cocoa also dropped in New York. “There is a pullback in the market” for sugar, said Tom Mikulski, a senior strategist at Lind-Waldock, a broker in Chicago. “Also, there is bound be some profit-taking at this time of the year."

Neighborhood News

Dec. 30 (The New Columbia Heights) Nice Christmas story: presents delivered by somebody to the right address.

Just when you thought all the post-Christmas news was bad (car fires, travel problems, etc.) here's a nice one from the Columbia Heights listserve: On Christmas Day, some friends asked me if I had received their Christmas gift which was to be delivered by FedEx on Christmas Eve. Alas, no gift was to be found despite assurances from FedEx that it had been delivered. This afternoon, the package arrived on my doorstep thanks to a Columbia Heights neighbor. Apparently the package had been mislabeled for delivery about six blocks away from my place. The person who received it was kind enough to do the research to find out where I live and to deliver the package.

Tynan Coffee & Tea Opens in NoMa

Nov. 17 (Tynan) Tynan Coffee and Tea will be opening up at 1275 First Street, NE in NoMa tomorrow and having a grand opening Dec. 1st.

Many will recall that Tynan also has a Columbia Heights location at 1400 Irving St, NW. Their new NoMa location is also its biggest. The space is 1800 sq ft and has room for 46 seats. In the warmer months there will also be outdoor seating. While having a similar feel and look to the Columbia Heights location, this location also has a small TV area and will host old photos instead of a mural.